There is a group of people putting on the 20th annual “White Ribbon Against Pornography” week.

This is from their press release:

The backers of WRAP Week are asking people to complain to
businesses that distribute pornography, write letters to the editor,
distribute information to the community, educate community leaders
about the negative effects of pornography, contact their State
Prosecutor and U.S. Attorney to complain about violations of state
obscenity laws, and ask state and local legislators to curtail
“sexually oriented businesses.”

Ribbons, Bracelets and flowers are nice. But how about STOP CONSUMING. If the church would just stop buying this stuff we could put a dent in this. No one is going to stop selling this stuff when the demand is so high. It is simple law of supply and demand. These businesses and producers have every right to sell this stuff. The church is not suppose to be a watch dog agency or the police. We are suppose to be the examples and the best example is not a ribbon. The best example is to stop buying this.

That’s all I have…