WTF: It’s not WHAT; it’s WHY

Today, in conjunction with we are launching a brand new progressive abstinence campaign called

We deal with all sorts of addictions. There are many things we can tell people about sex. At some point we will address aspects of sex and sexual addiction. To start, we decided to encourage people who are not married to wait to have sex.

We’re sick of seeing campaign after campaign saying; “Sex is bad! Don’t do it!” without giving any real reasoning as to why.

In the culture we live in today, people say that sex is a lot of things:
Sex is bad.
Sex is cheap.
Sex isn’t a big deal.

Sex is how you get what you want.

We want to be a voice that says something different:
Sex is awesome.
Sex was made for marriage.
So please, take a moment to head over to the site and take a second to ask yourself… WTF?

WTF is progressive abstinence education and a program of

When you get to the site you will see two options WHAT/WHY.

Just so we’re clear on this… most of the WHAT section is a joke.

No, really.

In the WHAT section we want to take a second to go through every that has been and is being done in the world of abstinence education… from celeb sex scandal videos to STD scare tactics, we wanted to get it all in to one place so that we could take you on a journey through what ISN’T working. 

And, I mean, hey, with t-shirts that say things like “Virginity Rocks!” it’s no wonder abstinence is a joke.

But after you take some time to go over what’s wrong, head over the WHY section and spend some time considering what we can start doing right.

Explore the site. Get educated. Join the movement.


….Oh.. my favorite part the music player at the top….