This January we are going to be launching an exciting new podcast here at XXXchurch. Anyone remember the hit shows from the 80’s “Threes Company”. Well, it is soon to be 2011 and time for X Three’s Company. My friends Rachel Collins and Harmony Dust of Treasures will be co-hosting this show with me and we will be answering all of your sex and relationship questions no matter how taboo!

This will be available on video and audio…whatever you like.

We have over 600 questions so far on so many different topics. We have landed on some show topics already and will most likely have some guests on the show as well. Maybe some other sexperts!

In order to pull this all together, we need your help! We are looking for questions on the following topics, and remember, nothing is off limits!

Here are some of the first shows we are working on, if you have a question feel free to post it on the comments section of the site or email it to [email protected]. More updates still to come on the new show.

Put a Ring on It: Sex Before Marriage

Down and Dirty: The Basics of Sex

The Game: Dating

Mouth Full: Oral Sex

The Gift that Keeps on Giving: STDs and Pregnancy

Me, Myself and I: Masturbation

The Talk: Parents and Sex

The Toy Box: Bedroom Play and other Taboos

We Are Gathered Here Today: Sex and Marriage