For more than 12 years now, has been the largest and most comprehensive website on the issues of pornography and sex addiction. We specialize in starting conversations that most would rather avoid and in going places that make most folks uncomfortable. We’ve never been afraid of talking about the taboo. 



We believe in being bold.

So here it goes. 



Here’s why: In 2004 we launched X3watch, an online accountability program to help people be transparent about where they visited on the web. We made it free because we wanted everyone to have it; we’ve kept it free because we think everyone needs it. And in that time over one million people have downloaded it. Not bad. 

But a lot has changed in 10 years: new platforms, new devices, new operating systems, new browsers… and while we’ve done the best we can to keep up, we’re a ministry, not software developers. For X3watch to continue to be the tool we envisioned it to be – the tool to help hundreds of thousands of people make good decisions online and off – we need your help

In order to make X3watch the premier online accountability tool and continue to develop and offer a version free to everyone, we needed to rebuild everything from the ground up at a cost of roughly $500k. 

So over the past 6 months, we created something called The Dream Team and invited churches, foundations, and our biggest supporters to donate to this cause in the amount of a $25k gift each, raising a total of $350K. The response has blown us away.

Now we’re asking you to help us reach our goal by the end of the year. Rather than just come up a little bit short, we thought we would go to our loyal followers and supporters to help finish this project. We are so close to the brand new re-release of all the X3watch products, but we would appreciate it if you would consider helping us. 

We want everyone to know how awesome we think you are by adding your name to our LIST OF AWESOMENESS!! You get the happy, warm feeling of knowing YOU helped push this project across the finish line, along with bragging rights to all your friends. Plus it’s tax deductible. Sweet!

Be a part of X3 history and give a gift today!

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