X3Live is happening today at 5pm PST. This is the first one of many to come. I will be taking your questions live. We will have different topics and presenters for future X3Live events but today is Questions You Can’t Ask Your Mama. Here are a few that have already come in on Twitter, Facebook and Email. Check it out LIVE today at 5pm PST. If you have a question post it below in the comments or join us LIVE today at 5pm. We will try and get to these and a whole lot more.

i am married, what about phone sex?

in a marriage bed what about video taping ourself?

whats wrong with masturbation, isn’t it better then having sex?

anal sex yay or nay?

Viagra and cialis okay?

what do you think about heidi montags 10 plastic surgery’s?

erotic novels okay, my wife reads all the time?

in a marriage bed, what about mutual masturbation?what about watching porn together?

oral sex okay in marriage?

my husband looks at porn and i am okay with it cause i don’t have to have sex with him, whats wrong with this?

is tiger a sex addict?