Yesterday was an exciting day in the history of XXXchurch.   We had our first LIVE online church service that over 1,000 people from all over the world showed up for.  We had morning and evening services.   Jake Larson shared a great message of hope for freedom from lust and pornography and shared what healthy and productive accountability looks like.   We had a live prayer team in place and were able to pray with people during the service and after.   Here are some comments from those in attendance yesterday:

  • For what it’s worth, y’all are the hippest Christians I know 😉
  • I love how real Jake is – i’m a teen so he is so relevant 
  • Amen and thank you so much for praying with me. definitely encouraged
  •  It is so encouraging to see the support you guys give. This has been a great experience.
  •  this was a great sermon for me. I am proud to say this is my first night walking on my freedom journey
  • I like that he is addressing the “excuses” for not removing yourself from the temptation.
  •  I thought I was alone so alone in my struggle wityh porn 
  • I’m from Canada! Thank you for xxxchurch’s twitter feed or else I would’ve missed this awesome experience.

I had this idea four weeks ago to do something like this. The platform we are using at is free from our friends at and we pulled a few favors from people to shoot some video. We just thought we would do this and put very little money and time into to see if it would work and were blown away by the response. We will find ways to make it better and better, which is where you can help.

-If you want to volunteer on a Sunday we need you

-If you know of some great worship available in video format

-If you have other ideas to make the experience better 

-What times would you like to see and maybe even days? International folks let us know…

Any of those things email [email protected] and we will be in touch.

We have been asked about archiving the videos and we are working on that as well. It would not be the whole service but just the teaching part.

Tune in next week for the message What Do I do When I Don’t Know What To Do.