We have heard your requests and we have two new girls t-shirts. Also, a new unisex shirt is up in the X3store. We like to call it “bling, bling!” We are working on a few more tees as well, stay tuned.

We have added some better options for international shipping for all of
Jon Speirs’ friends (UK intern). Brilliant! Quit reading and go
shopping NOW.

Episode #3 of XXXchurch.tv has arrived. As you will see when you watch it we have officially made
it to Las Vegas. The Gross family, The McManaman’s, The Sanchez
newlyweds, Brandon Piety and a few friends have landed in Sin City.

We expect some more to folks join us in early 2009 including Mr. Rose
and the Supan Clan. Watch episode #3 online here or download in iTunes.

is here! Many of you are preparing your Halloween costumes already. We
have some great things planned this month. Here are just a few

The first ever Porn and Pastries in Washington
– X3 exhibiting at the Gay Erotic Expo in NYC
X3 exhibits at the Fetish+Fantasy show in Vegas
The Porn Debate starts back up

Two more shows are left this year, if you would like to donate to the Bible and show costs click here.
We have received almost $2,000 over the last two weeks but are trying
to but are trying to raise $10,000 for these two shows. Thank you for
your support!

Check out our
new gift card fundraising opportunity! It is simple: Buy gift cards and
X3 gets an 8% donation from your purchase. Gift cards are available for
loads of popular shops and restaurants, places you go all the time! Get
some gift cards today.