The team made it back from Vancouver. This was our first trip to Vancouver for their Sexpo. We have been to the one in Toronto before. If you live in an area that hosts a Sexpo or a Porn show and you want to make an impact, get a hold  of us and lets figure out how to make that work. That is what happened a few weeks back in Canada. Enjoy the episode.

We launched the new site. Check that out if you would like. We have information about X3watch, X3pure and Safe Eyes on the site. X3watch for iPhone is done. We just hit a small snag with the approval process with Apple. We have to correct two small things and then resubmit. We will keep you posted as soon as we hear.

We launched the new XXXchurch site as well. Check it out at We launched the new home page layout a few months back but now the whole new site will launch. We are excited about some of the new things that the site will offer. One of them is “X3LIVE”. We will tell you more about this in the new year but will be having a number of LIVE events on the site in addition to the X3TV.

This week some of the team head back to Ely for a Christmas party at the brothel we fixed up. We will show you some of that footage next time around on the podcast.

Last but not least, we wanted to tell you about BOWLFEST. This is a chance to come to Vegas, see what we do, meet the team and raise some money for the ministry. Find out more info HERE.