You may be wX3groups Networkondering what exactly is an X3group?  That’s a great question.  X3groups is a accountability and recovery group program started by XXXchurch.  This program has been running for about eighteen months and has seen huge success.  X3groups is all about helping men and women find lasting sobriety through the benefit of community and peer support.

X3groups grows every month.  Why?  Because there is a huge need for support groups like these and what we offer just flat out works.  To date, the only thing we offered was online groups.  However, all that has changed!  This month we are proud to say that the X3groups local leadership program is now available for purchase and download.  The local kit is especially meant for churches and passionate leaders who want to run this effective model of recovery group in their own area.

The program includes a ton of stuff including training materials, meeting handbooks, the X3pure curriculum, and a full multimedia marketing kit including three professionally produced and brandable commercials.  Do you want to start helping men in your neighborhood?  In your church?  Go to start the process and join the X3groups local network today!