We launched a new video podcast called X3’s Company. We take on issues that you want to know about and answer your questions. The second episode came out on the site last week.

The epsiode is called ‘Mouth Full”  You can watch the show on www.xxxchurch.tv or download in iTunes.

Here are some of the questions we covered:

*What is oral sex?

*How can a girl get oral sex?

*How old do you have to be to do oral sex?

*Are you still considered a virgin if you’ve had oral sex?

*What all includes oral sex?

*Can I get pregnant from getting or giving oral sex?

*Can I get an STD from oral sex?


On the Morality Front

*Is oral sex considered sex?

*Is oral sex sinful?

*Is the church against oral sex?

*Is oral sex a sin before marriage?

*If someone performs oral sex on you with out your permission, would you consider that rape?

*Why is being eaten out the best feeling in the world?

‘*Is it bad that all my girlfriend wants to do is give me blow jobs?