We just released a brand new episode of X3’s Company #5. The topic for this episode is sex. I don’t think we got to all of these but here are the questions we were working off of.

*Why is sex such a big deal?

*What’s an orgasm?

*Why do guys think about sex so much?

*Is foreplay the same thing as having sex?

*Does it hurt the first time you have sex?

*Does sex feel nice?

*What do you consider losing your virginity as?

 *My parents don’t talk to me about sex, I’m going into high school and I feel like I have no support from them on this matter. What do I do?

*Does black underwear really mean that you want to have sex?

*I heard that you lose weight when you have sex, is that true?

*Is skinny dipping considered sex?

*If a guy is making out on top of you fully clothed, is that sex?

*When is sex considered an addiction?

*I feel bad having sex, but it feels so good, I can’t stop. When does God stop forgiving?

*Why is it a sin to have sex?

*Why is sex harmful?

*If I’ve already started having sex, how do I stop the addiction?

*Why is sex a topic that most people don’t want to talk about?

*Would you say me and my girlfriend are addicted to sex if we have sexual intercourse two or more times per day?

*What are the church rules of sex?

*How many people is too many people to have sex with?

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