We just released a brand new episode of X3’s Company #6. This episode is aimed right at parents. We give you some advice on having the talk. Here are some of the questions.


*What age should we start talking to our children about sex?

*How in depth should we talk about sex with our children at each age?

*My 7 year old has been asking about sex, isn’t this a bit young?

*Do I really need to have the sex talk with my kid? I learned about sex

from other kids at school and I turned out fine!

*Do we just talk about sex? Or should we talk about other things too, i.e.

blow jobs, etc.

*How do we present sex as a good, healthy thing to our children, but

still stress the importance of only doing it after they’re married?

*Do you have any books you recommend to use as teaching tools when

talking to your kids about sex?

*Im a single mom, how should I talk to my son about sex?

*How do I talk to my kids about masturbation?

*What are good boundaries to give my children as far as hanging out

with members of the opposite sex?

*We caught our daughter playing “Doctor” with a neighbor kid, how should

we address this?

*How do we talk about issues like homosexuality with our 12 year old?

*Our 10 year old walked in on us having sex, what do we do?


X3’s Company is the new podcast from XXXchurch.com. We take your questions and try and give you some helpful answers.

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