Let’s face it: pornography is much more prevalent in the lives of today’s teens than anyone would ever like to admit. First of all, pornography is socially acceptable, meaning that there are literally no boundaries to teens in this area. We hear it said that porn is for adults, but honestly, today’s teen generation is the most connected generation ever. This is the second problem: pornography is everywhere. Being connected to such great lengths means that anyone, anywhere, can access pornographic content. Honestly though, the part that has the potential to damage more than anything is the lasting impact it has on a teens development.

If society says it is acceptable, and thereby makes it so readily available, we need to consider the ramifications. This once secret sin will fester inside the lives of our teens until the false reality replaces real life. It will damage relationships: friends, family, and often leave the teen feeling far off from God.

But it does’t have to be this way. There is help. There is a better way; a godly way. x3 Groups is that better way. It is a place to come as you are, no judgment, no condemnation. Just teenagers coming together under the guidance of a godly Christian leader who will help them heal through the process of spiritual transformation. For us, this means that every week a group of teens gathers around the web together with their adult facilitator and works through a known and successful process, together.

Please. From the bottom of our hearts, we implore you: if you are a teen looking for help, or if you are a parent who needs a little assistance, let x3 Groups be your partner today!

Sign up today at www.x3group.com and select TEEN Group.