I know all of you on apple want to rush out an by the new iPhone or download the latest iOS6 sytem. Let me give you a few heads up as it relates to the X3watch software.


Apple changed some of its process with this release and has made it extremely diffiuclt for other APPS that have browswers. We have issued an update to our APP and are awaiting approval from Apple. The current version of the software does not work on iOS6. It will not work until Apple publishes the update. We will let you know what that happens.


X3watch FREE – The current build of X3watch that is available on our website has a few issues with 10.8.2 and 10.8.1. You are able to work around them.  Let me explain. Apple is wanting all software to be installed through their Mac App  store but our X3watch software will not get approved in their Mac store because of what it does. You can download it from our website but in this new update you have to follow these steps before you can install otherwise the .dmg file does not open at all.

1. System Preferences

2.  Go to Security and Privacy

3. Click unlock

4. Click allow software from anywhere



We are awating approval to be an indentified developer but waiting on that as well.


We have all the instructions for 10.8.1 and 10.8.2 users here.

We will have a brand new update coming by October 10th.

We love Apple products but man are they making this tough on developers. We will get there, sorry we are not there yet but some of it is out of control. They release their products to developers early in Beta but sometimes we are not able to see all their changes until the day the product launches like the rest of you.