Hey Everyone!

Wanted to let you know a few things about X3watch.

1. iPhone/iPad/iTouch – The latest software that we released had a bug in it that has stopped some of the emails from being sent to your accountability partners especially on the new iPhones. That has been resolved and we are currently awaiting Apple to approve the update. As soon as we get that we will announce it on twitter and the site.

2. The Android – We issued an update for the latest Android platform and everything is working great. Make sure you have the latest update.

P.S. – If you downloaded either of these apps for your phones and it was deleted, Apple and Google remember your purchases and you can re-download it again for FREE even though it ask you to purchase it again. As soon as you hit BUY it will say you allready purchased this and will not be charged again.

More information on X3watch can be found at www.x3watch.com.