Episode #17 of XXXchurch.tv features the staff sharing their X3watch stories and a clip from MTV True LIFE.

X3watch was an idea birthed prior to XXXchurch.com ever seeing the light of day. With some help us some great developers Chris Huff and Russ Seehafer we are able to have X3watch today on almost a million computers for MAC and PC. In order of our 1 million downloads, we are celebrating and holding a little contest.

We will fly the millionth downloader of x3watch and their accountability partner to Disneyland. Make sure when you sign up for x3watch you subscribe to the newsletter that is the only way we have your contact information.

We will take the best x3watch video stories and post the top three on the website and ask others to vote. Winner and accountability partner will win a trip to Disneyland.

We have heard some pretty crazy X3watch stories over the years. Tell us your story and you could be joining the X3team and some friends at Disenyland.

Tell us your coolest X3watch Story in a 5 min. video.
Upload that video to YouTube
Send your YouTube video link to
[email protected], Subject: X3watch Contest. We will post your video
on the website and let you know if you are a finalist.

Trip includes: Two 2-day passes to Disneyland. 2 nights hotel and 2 airfares. Come hang with the X3 crew at Disneyland…