X3watch iOS and Android updates are out. Here is the scoop.

First of all, follow twitter.com/x3watch and facebook.com/x3watch for updates.

We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to our X3watch Mobile product. We’re very thankful to all of you who have purchased the app for your iPhone or Android phone.  We’re a ministry first and we’re excited to know that so many ofyou are using our tools to grow in your obedience to Christ.

We’ve also heard from many of you that the mobile product needs to improve. We’ve been listening and keeping track of your feedback, and we’ve decided to bring in some heavier hitters to manage the development and support of our X3watch Mobile product. Here is what we fixed in this first update:

+ Improved reporting reliability.
+ Improved report filtering so that accountability partner can quickly identify problem sites.
+ Ability to user windows/linux based authentication to log in through the browser.
+ Improved wifi detection and log in capabilities.
+ Overall improved app stability

Here is a SWEET thing. You can select what day you want your report to go out on. You can also RESEND reports at anytime on the settings on the app.


Brushfire Mobile (www.brushfiremobile.com) is a team of mobile app developers and consultants who are passionate about our cause and about creating world-class mobile products for ministries and non-profits.  Brushfire is working hard to improve the apps and address some of your most pressing issues.  They’ve also set up a new support website and team to respond to your needs. You can initiate a support request and read through helpful knowledge base articles here: http://x3mobile.zendesk.com/.

Thanks for your support of X3 and continue to let us know how we can serve you.