Here is a quick update on all things X3watch mobile. We have been committed to getting X3watch out there for over 5 years now. The software has been downloaded almost a million times and for that we are amazed. It remains free on MAC and on PC. We want to continue developing this product on the mobile platforms and we are charging a small small fee on some of the APPS to help cover the expansion. Here is an update.


The best spot for all the latest on the Android is This will be updated with all the info as we work on things. If you are using the APP and have questions you can send those to [email protected].  



The best spot for all the latest on the Apple mobile platforms is We have submitted an update for the PRO to fix the glitch with the bookmarks. Look for that real soon. We have been messing a little bit with the pricing as well to see where we should land. The new 4.0 phone and update does still not allow us to run the program in the background and use Safari so nothing changes with the software. If you have questions about this product post a comment on THIS PAGE.



We just received this information about the Blackberry from a potential developer. If you know of a developer that could maybe do this please let us know but right now it is out of our price range.

Based on the budget area for this appliction which you shared with me, I don’t think we can make this application happen.  There is just too much work involved and at the price you hoped to hit, there is no way I can keep it that low.  The technology of the blackberry SDK is too restrictive at this time.  To make this an easy app and would require extensive external coding efforts and would easily be 5X of the target amount you want.

I wish I had better news and I enjoyed speaking with you about your product.  Best of luck on your products line and perhaps if Blackberry gets some better tools in place, we can talk about this again down the road.



Nothing new on the PC and MAC side for desktops and laptops. Head on over to to download for free.