X3 Watch is an easy, effective way to be “on purpose” about going online. Every day, thousands of people use X3 to be intentional about what they see—and what they don’t—on the Internet.

X3 Watch is accountability software, which simply means it’s a tool to help you build trust in your relationships, live an open life, and be the person you want to be when you’re online. It’s easy to use–just install it on your desktop, laptop, smart phone and tablet, and choose up to 10 champions who will receive weekly updates. X3 will monitor what’s happening online, evaluate content in real time, and make sure only the good stuff gets through.

Keep an eye on your own Internet use, ensure honesty with your spouse and be proactive about protecting your kids.  Click here to get started today and download X3 Watch, or check back for an updated version coming this fall with new features including real-time content evaluation and a single report for all your web and mobile devices.