We had the privelege of talking with Briana aka:Bianca Jordan on
this weeks “Dirty Little Secrets” Podcast. Our friend Kim Anderson who
went with us to the last porn show, told us about her friend Briana. So
we wanted to talk to her personally about how she got out. We here a
ton of sad stories in the industry and transitioning out is never easy.
However, we were inspired by Briana’s story and testimony and how she
made it out. One thing we really noticed as we talked with her and got
to know her more is that she is happy and she is loved. It’s really
cool to see. We hope that those in the industry will find some
encouragement from Briana’s story and testimony.

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Here is Briana/Bianca Jordan’s story that she wrote for us:

I was raised in a Christian household.  Brought up going to private
school in elementary school, church as a class, and church on Sundays.
I transferred to public school when my Mom could not afford it
anymore.  My Mom raised me as a single parent with little or no help
from my father.  Growing up I really missed not having a father figure
in the house.  So much that I looked for this love in different ways
that only ended up in hurtfulness to me.  Looking to boys/men for the
affection I lacked from my father.

When I graduated High School I was unsure of what I was going to do
with my life.  I worked different clerical jobs but was spiraling out
of control with drugs/alcohol.  I found myself 19 years old out
partying it up in Las Vegas.  While I was in Las Vegas the “porn
convention” happened to be going on.  I remember being at the bar in
the Venetian Hotel when the porn awards ended.  A lot of the porn stars
from the show came into this bar I was hanging out at.  I was already
wasted at this time.  It all looked really glamorous at the time.  A
man approached me and asked if I would ever consider being in a porn
movie.  I at the time would have done pretty much anything for some
quick cash.  So I agreed and set up a time to meet with him back in Los
Angeles.  When I got back from Vegas and met up with this man, he put
me to work right away working 4-5 times a week.  It was time to pick my
stage name so I came up with Bianca Jordan.  I got really popular in
the industry really fast.  I started out working for Vivid Video, VCA
Pictures, Wicked Pictures, Sin City, and Extreme Associates.  I
remember feature dancing over in Finland for Sin City when I was 19 and
that’s when it all hit me.  For the first time I can remember I missed
my Mom.  I was so far away from anyone who cared about me.  At this
convention in Finland I danced in front of 32,000 people over the 3 day
show.  I remember thinking this isn’t what I want for my life.  I got
back from Europe and continued to do movies.  I got to the point where
I didn’t care at all about myself or anyone else. I remember when I
went to the “talent agency” that set me up with work, I still had that
young sparkle in my eyes and a love for life.  In the whole process of
the industry I became something I never thought possible I was num to

I hit rock bottom a couple years later and made a decision to get
out of the business.  This meant changing my phone numbers, not hanging
out with any of the people involved with the industry and sobering up.
I fell to my knees and prayed for God to wash me of my sins and make me
new.  I told God that I didn’t want my life, that I was incapable of
doing it on my own.  I prayed that he would come into my heart and save
me from the person I had become.  I think I finally realized that my
life was not working my way, and that God had to have a different plan
for my life.  With the help of my relationship with God, close friends
and family that never gave up on me, I was able to be free of the
industry and free to be able to love myself and others again.  I will
never forget the different girls that came in and out of the industry
beginning with a sparkle in there eyes and an innocence about them.  I
would see the same girls only a month later and this sparkle and
innocence was overshadowed by a black glossy stare.

I hope that
with my testimony other girls can see the light at the end of the
tunnel, and know that God has a different plan for your life.


XXX: Bianca Jordan