There are some things that we definitely will do again here at
XXXchurch and there are other things we will never try again. One being
Unscripted. It was great fun but was a lot of craziness with the
host of characters involved..have no fear because it makes a great

We have taken the footage out of the archive for your viewing pleasure. It was a plain ridiculous event.

Check out the Million Dollar Man, Stryper, Jimmy Superfly Snuka, Greg
“The Hammer” Valentine, Ron Jeremy and many more characters on Episode 12 of

if you missed it we sent out a special edition newsletter last week
with The Strip Church plan outlined as a comic. If you have not checked
it out or would like to pass it on to a friend head over to The Strip
Church website.

Stay tuned for an entire episode of dot tv featuring HeartSupport, new Pornmobile Confessions and some very special surprises!