Four years ago we launched a video series called “Voices.”

We’ve met a number of artists and musicians on the road throughout our travels. A number of these artists have become passionate about our ministry and breaking the silence on the issue of pornography. Some of these artists and musicians didn’t know much about us but agreed to share their story with us.

We asked these guys and gals to share about their struggles, temptations on the road and other things that seem more important then just interviewing them about their latest albums.

The first episode featured our good friend Levi The Poet.

Levi does some XXXchurch events with us and a ton of stuff out there on the road. The video is below. You can watch all the videos from this series here.

One common thing we heard from all of these guys and gals is the need for accountability. If you want accountability but don’t know where to start then start here with these FREE videos and information.