We have been showing up at Adult Expo’s for 12 years. We go there with a simple message “Jesus Loves Porn Stars”. No agenda. Pretty simple. We hand out bibles that say “Jesus Loves Porn Stars”. We make free t-shirts and give away stickers. We staff the booth with a few members of our team but the majority of people that work the booths at the different shows are volunteers. My good friend Rachel is our porn show superstar and this past month in Chicago she brought a great team of gals from her church.

A lot of people ask us. How do you go to porn shows? What are those people like?

Well, those people are quite nice and they often times have grown up in the church or are currently seeking and pursuing Jesus. I love the people we find there because unlike what we see in our church culture sometimes, these people tend to be way more open and honest then we tend to be in church. 

Last night, I saw this video on youtube.

I didn’t meet Sheena in Chicago but I appreciate her posting this video on her youtube channel. Please watch this video and let it speak to you.

*If you have a tough time with her smoking or her language in the video… get over it and you have completely missed the point of the video if you are going to focus on that.

This girl is amazing gets what we are doing.

Thanks Sheena. We love you and yes… Jesus loves you!