Why does XXXchurch want your church to do National Porn Sunday? We see it’s not impossible to make a big fat dent in the porn world by helping the American church come to accountability. Not only do we… but Jesus wants you in too. he wants us to be accountable one to another. Galatians is the best book in the bible, namely chapter 6… my humble opinion. We have several things as toothy grinned Christians we must do to fulfill the law of Christ. One of those things is share each-others burdens. This means we need to talk about the sin that lives in us.

This brings me to porn. We get your consuming it. We get you need help. We get the American church is filled with folks hooked on it, hiding it and destroying themselves in process. The problem… it’s killing us and the only way to get rid of it? Start confronting it.

If you pastor a church or are in a position of leaderships it’s your responsibility as those charged by God, to help get the lead out. Help pull up the pants of your congregations and share each others burdens, then you will fulfill the law of Christ. The law of Christ by the way… is love. So… if you have not thought about doing National Porn Sunday on October 7, 2007 think about it right now. If you’re a laymen at your church and think it’s a great idea to bring accountability to your congregations go light the fires, have the conversations and get people talking. Lets help people see they are not alone and that Christ is real and accountability is a great thing to embrace.
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