An update from Craig…

We’ve been in ministry for a number of years. Every year
has brought some crazy struggles and incredible successes. This past year was
no exception. In late Fall of 2005, God placed an amazing opportunity at the
door of X3. It involved selling houses, hiring people and developing new relationships
in a place that is often cold and requires snow tires. I looked hard at this
possibility and prayed. I prayed. I really felt God telling me it was time
to move. I have been born and raised in California and was not ready to move.
After ignoring this voice for months, I finally realized this move was not
about my family, not about where I wanted to live, but God calling me to a
place that he wanted me to go. I felt so strongly and still do that this was
a ministry move that God had for me.

It was clear. The offices of were headed to Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Michigan? Michigan. God basically said, “Go east young man.”

So…after a lot of prayer, the boxes are being packed, the tears are
being shed and the excitement is building. All of us at XXXchurch believe this
is a great ministry move. Grand Rapids embodies endless creative and evangelizing
possibilities. The people and existing ministries in Grand Rapids will help
X3 build a solid foundation for years to come. The best thing about Grand Rapids
is the church community we will call home. Mars Hill Bible Church has been
a huge blessing to us this past year. They have embraced us and welcomed us
even more as we have landed on this decision. XXXchurch will remain under the
umbrella of Fireproof Ministries and will not be an official ministry of Mars
Hill Church, but we are excited about being close to Mars Hill and being involved
in the church community.

The Goofballs:
Mike and Craig will still be Mike and Craig. The only big change will be the
physical location of the ministry. The offices will no longer be in my house
in California, but will now be in Grand Rapids. Mike will remain in sunny California
and continue to be a driving force behind Mike is 100% behind
this move and believes it is a great thing for the ministry. Mike and I will
still host our weekly Podcast and Mike will still speak on behalf of XXXchurch.
Mike and I will still spend plenty of time together. I will continue my role
here at X3 doing everything from leading the X3 team, conception and creation
of new X3 resources and writing projects, to traveling the country as XXXChurch’s
lead speaker.

A New Pastor:
It was definitely clear that this move is one that will take the ministry to
the next level and in order to do that will require some help. The move will
add some new faces to, J.R. Mahon has been serving XXXchurch
since 2004. J.R. has attended the last few porn shows with us, was instrumental
in National Porn Sunday, is one of our speakers on the X3speaking team and
he and his wife counsel hundreds of people every month through answering the
XXXchurch emails. J.R. is the first one crazy enough to move with us to Grand
Rapids and will join XXXchurch there in June. J.R. will serve full-time as
one of the pastors for J.R. will be running a lot of the day-to-day
operations of XXXchurch as well as leading the team of volunteers that work
alongside us. J.R. will also be helping set up an intern program for,
so be on the look out for that in the months to come.

Pray For Us:
As we move X3 forward, please pray for us…God has blessed this ministry
with great people and unbelievable support. We are grateful for everyone who
has had anything to do with building this ministry. We see great things ahead
of us. Please join us for more outrageousness, more off the wall faith and
more opportunities to take the gospel to those who need it most.

Hear More Now:
I was given the opportunity this past Sunday to teach at Mars Hill Church and
let the community there hear first hand what was happening. I preached a message
called “Unignorable Calling. If you are interested in hearing
more about this journey and what God is doing, you can download the sermon
by clicking this link.

My family will make the move to Grand Rapids the first week in April.

God Bless,