Tomorrow, I am waking up at 5:30am. That is about 1 hour if I am lucky before my kids normally get up in the morning. I have not been this excited to wake up that early for a while. The reason for the early wake up is for a phone call. A few friends of mine have decided to really pursue this whole accountability thing. I am tired of seeing people fall out of ministry. I am tired of seeing people burned out. I am tired of wanting people to get help more then people want it for themselves.

Things have been a little crazy for me over the last few months. As I looked at my upcoming fall I got a little overwhelmed. I sent out an email to some friends and said I needed some help if I was going to really chase after all these things that God has put on my plate. As we all started talking we all realized we have things that slow us down, things that hold us back and things that get in our way.

I am excited that tomorrow at 5:30am I got six other guys that want to change the world that want to get on a phone call to make each of us stronger.

We don’t have a bible study planned. We don’t have a sermon to listen to. We all have our junk that we are going to put on the table and have some honest conversation.

Phone calls like this don’t just happen. You have to make it happen. Phone calls are not the answer, but what is the answer is getting some people around you that aren’t impressed by who you are or what you have done and have the balls to ask you how you are really doing. If the only time you all can agree is 5:30am then you do it. We are going to try it weekly and see how it goes. We are even talking about a MAN trip at some point.

As we learn some things, I might share them with you all in case you want to start something.

We talk all day long about accountability here. If you don’t have it yet, download x3watch and that will help you facilitate these types of conversations. No piece of software is the answer, but we believe this will help you have conversations that matter. Hey, 1 million people can’t be wrong.

If you have other ideas and things that you do to help you out, feel free to share those in the comments. Time for bed soon.