Wendy left the sex industry when her children’s friends discovered her on the internet and showed her kids. Devastated without any other direction she reached out to us. We helped Wendy move into a smaller apartment, get utilities connected and groceries on the table. Wendy found legitimate work and has been self supporting ever since. Let us not forget to mention she had the courage to go back to church because of the unconditional love she found through the ministry.

Steve lost his marriage, his job and many of his church relationships when his lifelong addiction to homosexual pornography reared it’s ugly head publicly. Steve had very little money after the fall out but really wanted to go through the X3Pure workshop. Thanks to scholarships set aside through donations we were able to assist Steve with a free workshop- a free filtering software and continued support through encouragement.

Lisa found herself at the end of her rope. She was in her forties and had worked in the sex industry for almost twenty years. Completely messed up from years in this lifestyle she reached out to us for help. Thanks to your donations we were able to locate a spiritual based counseling center that worked on a sliding fee scale and we provided months of counseling for Lisa. We also connected her through partnerships with a church in her community where she has been provided with food from their food pantry, a job assistance counselor and a friend to mentor her in the coming years.

Allie, a young woman in her 20’s lived in a metropolitan city alone and to supplement her income entered into prostitution where she found herself abused night after night. Lonely, tired and scared she reached out to us and through your donations we were able to help Allie get caught up with her utilities, her car insurance so she could re-tag her vehicle to begin seeking out legitimate work. Allie not only regained legitimate employment but she joined a church and receives weekly counseling from her pastor and his wife.

Lori, a young widow found herself in the arms of a married man. She never thought she would end up a woman who was struggling with sexual sin. Through a connection with our ministry she began a friendship with one of our female staff members who began to pray for her and encourage her through regular email and phone calls. Lori ended the affair, got plugged into a church and tells us that she was ready to end her life until the Lord intervened with a friendship through our ministry.

THIS is how your donations are making a difference. We want to thank you during the holiday season for your faithful and generous support. We could not do these things without you. God has used you to help us help others. Again, we thank you.




If you’d like to mail a donation, please make checks payable to:

PO Box 50048
Pasadena, CA 91115

** Keep in mind when we help others financially we always pay the vendors/ counselors/ companies owed directly- we never release funds directly to the recipient with exception to gift cards for groceries. All needs are verified through a process. We take handling your tax dollars seriously.**