What Is A Sex Addiction

What is a sex addiction? How can it be defined? What are some ways that sex addiction comes out in a person’s behavior?

To answer the question, “What is a sex addiction,” we must look at the behaviors that drive it and go from there.

Sex addiction is, to put it plainly, an addiction to sex. It is a relatively new field of study, and at first was met with plenty of laughter, as though having lots of sex was not something to be considered a problem.

But that’s not reality. You know what is? Sex addiction is a problem among those who struggle with it, because it leads to increased risky behavior, which in turn can lead to disease, depression, or even suicide.

So what is a sex addiction defined? It’s when a person feels compelled to engage in sexual activity beyond what would be considered reasonable or healthy or mutually fulfilling to both partners.

Sex addiction is a real problem, because it drives people to sleep around with multiple partners, often with people they don’t know or don’t care about, casually engaging in risky sexual activity for reasons other than mutual fulfillment or to build intimacy between committed people.

That’s what sex addiction is in a nutshell. For more information on this problem, please investigate the resources below.

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