Why Is Masturbation Addictive

Why is masturbation addictive? What is it about this most basic physical act that makes it seem like something one must do? There are a few possible reasons that can explain why is masturbation addictive; we’ve taken this opportunity to list three:

Why is masturbation addictive? Here’s a possibility: Because masturbation is the physical completion of a biological imperative.

Every human being comes hardwired with an instinctual craving for sex. That doesn’t mean we’re slaves to our sex drive, but we do have a deep-seeded desire for sexual contact. Masturbation simulates the physical act of sex and fulfills that biological imperative, if only for a moment.

Why is masturbation addictive? Here’s another possibility: Because it makes us forget.

Sometimes we’re bored, sometimes we’re angry, sometimes we’re lonely – masturbation can make us forget those things for a time. It’s power to short-circuit our brains can often feel overwhelming in the face of negative emotions, so it can feel like a good way to forget about our troubles for a little while.

Why is masturbation addictive? Here’s one more possibility: Because it feels great.

This is the most obvious possibility, but it also carries a lot of weight. We like to feel good! Masturbation is a great way to feel good, and it also triggers chemicals and hormones in our brains to help relax us. We can wind up addicted to those feelings, though – especially because they’re so powerful.

If you want to know more about the scientific and spiritual significance that is lurking behind masturbation – and whether or not you’re addicted to it, then feel free to look into these resources available here at XXXchurch.com.

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