communityAs an interconnected people, we tend to place a very high value on that which others also place a high value. In fact, if two people believe strongly enough that the other likes something, they can be swayed into liking it also, even though deep down they both hate it. For the most part, we are very social beings, even if some of us are considered to be introverts.

Yes, you are an individual, and so am I. Maybe your choices, like which shoes to buy or which sports team to root for, aren’t changed by anyone’s opinion. But life feels easier (and a lot more fun!) when you’re with someone who values the same things that you do, doesn’t it?

This is why community is so essential, especially when people join together for a shared purpose. Why do gangs thrive through such negative circumstances, even while contributing to the violence that surrounds them? Community. Why do dancers thrive together in a company, pushing each other past their individual limits? Community. For good or for evil, community is undeniably a strong force regardless of the value our culture places on individuality.

The beauty in community is that it’s not all one-sided. Sure, there are times in our lives where we need and we just can’t give, and that’s okay. But, in a community, you get to be the encourager too. You get to play a part! It’s mutual.

Here are 3 things community is (and 1 it isn’t)…

1. Community is a little scary! It can be frightening to share personal things with people, but if they accept you, it’s far worth the initial discomfort. It actually is very freeing.

2. Community is beneficial to everyone. You lift each other up, encourage each other, and take care of each other. When one of you falls or succumbs to temptation, the rest of you pick them up, knowing they’d do the same for you. Everyone gets something out of it.

[shortcode-variables slug=”15-days-to-a-full-life-inline”]3. Community is great no matter where you find it (Tweet This!). Having an online community is not a “cop out.” Yes, a face to face community is better, but the opportunities are not always there. There’s something out there for everyone that is willing to look.

And here’s what community isn’t:

Community is not all serious business. Just being around someone with a shared goal or interest will bring more of a sense of life. Go see a movie or get a dessert together. You don’t have to experience tremendous spiritual breakthroughs every time you get together.

So what do you want to get better at? What do you love about yourself? What do you hate about yourself? Get in a community and get to work!

Do you have someone or a group that does life with you, especially as you struggle against your sexual addiction?

 If not, you can find a great community through X3groups, your church, or with just one or two people you really trust.

If nothing else check out our new project See what others like you struggle with and take comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

Work at it and you’ll be surprised at the results. [shortcode-variables slug=”x3groups-bottom-ad”]