forgivenssWe forgive because He forgave. Even so, there are plenty of times when I’m tempted not to forgive, and daily have to choose to forgive someone. That’s the battle.

Why would I forgive a guy who attacked me? Why would I forgive a guy who mentally abused me? Why would I forgive someone who yelled at or verbally assaulted me? Why would I forgive a woman who was very rude to me?

Why? Because I have been forgiven much! I am no better!

Just like everyone else, I have a dark past, with skeletons hiding, that God forgave me for. He didn’t wait for me to clean up my act. He took me in, just as I am.

Forgiveness helps me to love well (Tweet This!). Jesus loved people well and I want to do that.

I don’t want to die tomorrow holding a grudge, but I also don’t want to hold a grudge for 50+ years and die a bitter grandma either!
 I want to love and embrace with open arms, with a big heart, and with wild, reckless abandon!

Forgiveness helps me to see the good in people (Tweet This!). Forgiveness helps me to see their loveliness and to look beyond their seemingly ugly tone or words or abuse.

Forgiveness helps me with conflicts at work, where I have a coworker who can be so nice outside of work but can be so mean on the job.

Forgiveness helps me in my marriage, when I don’t forgive myself for past flaws and failures, while also helping me see his loving heart when he hurts my feelings too.

Forgiveness helps me understand my large family. We have disputes over random things, from our grandmothers’ care to opinions (political and otherwise) to causes, and even what movie to watch when Dad makes popcorn!

Forgiveness helps my heart heal. I am no longer that bitter person underneath, fighting to be heard, trying to find intimacy when my husband was addicted to the screen, stuck in a dark pit of depression. Instead, I am joyfully seeking forgiveness, hoping to have compassion on others as I get to know their deep, dark secrets.

I have to gulp back big tears when I am confronted and have to ask forgiveness from a friend or my family.

But it’s so healing! Forgiveness draws us closer; the more we discuss our need for forgiveness, we see our need for grace and then He wipes our tears and we are free!


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