(Take it and pass it on…with proper credit, of course)

Your First

There’s a chemistry between us—you and I cannot deny
There’s a part of me that wants you—you’ve seen it in my eyes
Though I recognize this feeling, in our friendship it’s been disguised
A lust so powerful it penetrates
Past the truth, into the lies

Myths like havin’ you is destined
That giving my all to you is right
That all this bottled up obsession can be released in just one night
That I can handle the very consequence
Of doing wrong instead of right
That you can handle the kind of passion that comes with giving up the fight

To put desire in it’s proper place
To ignore my extreme and carnal plight
To have a woman that you long for
Refuse temptation with all her might
Unspoken dialogue’s been screaming
To stop refusing not to go
A still, small voice beckons me to whisper
“Let me be the first—the first to tell you ‘no’.”

Others will compromise their value
Letting you have what you should earn
Sadly laying down the standard
That our grandmas made us learn

We’re to save our very bosom
For a man whose love not loins for us will burn
The one who reflects the kind of foresight not to want to take a turn
Down the path to what is sacred
No matter how many have forgotten
The place that springs forth joy eternal
To the one who proves he truly wants it

By puttin’ out more than lip service
A 4-star dinner
A weekend trip
The one who knows unless he’s faithful
He can’t even handle it

Too many girls are basement bargains
Baby, my body is couture
Too many kisses are ill-gotten
But my lovin’ is for sure
If it’s the thing that you so long for
I completely understand
Many want my hidden treasure
But I’m savin’ it for the man

Who believes I can be trusted
No matter where some brothas want to go
Who knows above my one-night craving
Stands a queen who always knows

That most’ve fallen victim to sweet nothings
Promises of sex but rarely pleasure
Love, a quickie in the car will not even begin to measure

All the gifts that I’ve been given
For the one who makes me sing
“All I Want Is Forever” and “You Are My Everything”

You’re right, right now I so do want you
And the best way to let it show
Is to look past all this passion into the depths of your very soul
To speak what it requires even if it doesn’t know

You deserve to be so reverenced for more than what our flesh can show
So let me take you to the place few women know a man can go
Yeah, I have that kind of power
Are you ready for me to let it show

I’m so ready to put it on you
Take a deep breath, boy
Here we go
“Yeah, baby I want to be the first one in your life—the first to tell you ‘no’.”

©Shellie R. Warren/2007