They do say that men and women differ in basically every way and perhaps when the Bible says that when two people are in covenant to “become one” (Genesis 2:24-25), we forget to put sex into the mix; that when a man and a woman are joined, even physically, it takes a while to figure out what makes one another “click”.

I thought about that as I was reading an article about how men and women think about sex differently. According to it (and the piece was written by a woman, by the way), here are some of the distinctions:

*Women need an emotional connection to have sex.

*Men get an emotional connection *from* sex. (Really?-LOL)

*Women are in the mood to talk after a fight.

*Men are in the mood to have sex after a fight.

*Women fantasize about their partners.

*Men fantasize about multiple partners.

*Women need to be romanced (to have sex).

*Men just need their hormones to work (to have sex).

*Women think about sex frequently.

*Men think about it more, though.

Upon processing these from my end, two things came to mind: One, I find it to be really unfortunate (and sad and potentially dangerous) how the media seems to be urging women to *not* have an emotional connection in order to “engage” and that we don’t need to be romanced (anymore) to have sex. How they call it  a form of “liberation” when the Word tells us that *true liberty* is about not making opportunities for the flesh, but instead it’s about serving one another *in love* (Galatians 5:13). Then, I thought about what seemingly are some of the male sexual differences and I couldn’t help but wonder, if that is true, and being that the woman was created to *help* the man (Genesis 2:18), are we really being of much help if we’re trying to be more like men—not wanting an intimate connection, using sex simply for a physical release, wanting to have multiple partners (whether literally or through porn or erotica)?

Have we as women ever thought that the way God made us is so that we would be our husband’s “sexual equalizer” so that we could, in turn, provide him with more of a sexual balance rather than an “internalized equal” (for lack of a better term)?

In other words, when it comes to sex, are women *embracing* their differences or are they too busy trying to *compete* with men? Even sexually?

Are women trying to be like men in bed? And if so, why?

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