sexIf you ever happen to write me on this site, you’ll see that within my response, there is a quote at the bottom of my emails by M. Scott Peck that simply, yet profoundly, says this: “Sex is the closest that many people will ever come to a spiritual experience. Indeed, it is because it is a spiritual experience of sorts that so many chase after it with a repetitive, desperate kind of abandon. Often, whether they know it or not, they are searching for God.”

When people are chasing after sex, they are chasing after God (Tweet This). Hmph. What an interesting perspective, right? And yet, as radical as it might seem (to some), what I both appreciate and respect about Mr. Peck’s resolve is that it reminds me that God created sex. We didn’t come up with the concept, he did. And the purpose of it is for oneness between a husband and wife first and then procreation (after all, it’s pretty safe to assume that Adam and Eve had sex in the Garden of Eden but there were no children until after they left it.

So, where am I going with all of this? Good question.

I recently read an article that said there are more and more married couples who are hitting up swinger’s sites and strip clubs in order to (cough, cough) spice up their sex lives. Again, the purpose of sex is oneness between a husband and wife. Bringing other people into the bedroom (or wherever it is that you are – LOL) is a total contradiction of that (I mean, how can you be “one” with all of those other people?) Not only that, but taking on that kind of approach is a mockery of how God wanted sex to be.

Yet as disappointed as I am with married people who are approaching sex in this fashion, my bigger concern is this: Matthew 5:14 tells us that we, as believers and/or disciples (John 17), are to be the light (LIGHT) of the world. However, when it comes to godly and healthy married couples and their level of intimacy, this “light” seems pretty dim. Meaning, I don’t hear nearly enough “praise reports” about how happy and satisfied they are with their sex lives.

It’s almost like we’re so caught up in talking about Satan’s effect (or rather infect) on sex that we don’t give a platform to what it means to be monogamous and committed and totally sexually fulfilled. Nowhere in the Word are we told that sex is to be a secret; that it’s something married people should be ashamed of doing. In fact, Paul said that to go without is a form of deprivation (I Corinthians 7:5). And so, why are not more married people sounding off and giving a voice to the beauty of God’s ideal for sex?

It might sound like a rhetorical question but it’s actually one I’d like to hear some of your comments on.

The world has absolutely no problem distorting sex.

How come we’re not “drowning them out” with praises of how great God’s design for sex is?

Thoughts anyone?


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