I love quotes.  Love, love, love them!

Today, I came across one by a woman by the name of Adrienne Rich:

“Life on the planet is born of woman.”

I sat for a moment and thought about just how powerful that was.  Every single person who has come onto this earth, yes, was born of a woman—EVEN CHRIST HIMSELF.

Then I thought about John 10:10 (NKJV): “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.”  Not to toot my own horn, but when I think about all of the stuff that I have been (and sent myself) through, the fact that I am still sane enough to tell it is a miracle!  But what this scripture has revealed to me, at this stage in my spiritual journey, is just how much of a threat to the Enemy that I actually am. Every single thing that he tries to tempt me with is to take something from me that he wants: my purpose, my relationship with God, my future mate and children, my peace of mind and provision…all of it.  Shoot, he hates me so much that he even issued an attack on my womb…it costs four of my children’s lives.  Yeah…he hates me.

But, you have to really get a grasp of how God sees you to be able to really understand a concept like that.  Psalm 139:14 (NKJV) says:

“I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.”

For my soul to know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made…to know that God’s works are marvelous, I have to know him.  That was something that I spent a lot of time trying to do in ’08…GET TO KNOW HIM.

And do you know something that he revealed to me?  A lot of what I have settled for, I am SO MUCH BETTER than that.  For years, because I did not understand just how “fearfully and wonderfully made” I was, I accepted whatever love/affection/attention scraps any man would throw my way.  ME.  A WOMAN. THE ONE WHO IS ABLE TO BRING LIFE ONTO THE PLANET.

Oh, but no more.

Yesterday, I was looking up with “9” biblically symbolized.  I loved what I discovered:


Earlier today, I was checking out “old school songs” on You Tube.  I came across one that, in this season, as it relates to my self-esteem and sexuality, fit perfectly.  It’s by the artist, Mya and the chorus says, “Well oh no, I can’t let you get the BEST OF ME…even though, deep inside, something’s dying to see…how you flow out them clothes then you put it on me…feelings coming on strong, I know that it’s wrong…I can’t let you get THE BEST OF ME.”

Semi-graphic lyrics?  Hmm…maybe a little, but you are on a site for porn addiction, so I’m sure you can handle it.  Besides, what I wanted you to catch is how she referred to her body: THE BEST OF HER.

This goes for both genders, but I’m speaking to my sisters especially when I say that not just anyone deserves the BEST of us—mind, body or spirit.  The BEST of something is the highest quality.  The BEST of something is most excellent or suitable.  The BEST of something is the “finest”, the “matchless”, the “incomparable”, the “unparalleled”, the “supreme”…the “second to none”.

God made us…that means everything about us is “BEST”.

Next week, I will be at the two-year mark of my abstinence journey.  Shoot, last year I spent so much time purging all of the crap from the “Ghosts of Men Past” that I didn’t really focus on the fact that one of the main reasons why God doesn’t want me to give my BEST…whether it’s to a fine man, my boyfriend…even an erotica book or Internet screen…is because not just anyone (or anything) deserves it.  It am better than that.  I AM GOD’S BEST!!!

As we enter into another year (can you believe it?!?), this is the prayer that I have for you as well.  Even if you “fell” last night, this is the season of new beginnings…get up…BEGIN AGAIN…purpose in your mind that you want to become complete…that you want to bring a finality to whatever is keeping you from all that God has for you (Psalm 84:11)…and that you want a fullness…a richness…a stablity in your relationship with God…yourself…and others.

Does God love sex?  He made it, so I believe that he does.  But he loves you so much more.  He wants you to stop settling…for less…than HIS BEST.