“It’s not enough to have noble beliefs. We’ve gotta integrate them into our being so our consciousness shifts accordingly. And, of course with a transformed consciousness, our actions follow suit.” – Brian Johnson

The concept of truth is blurry in this day and age. However, honesty is honesty no matter how you ‘feel’ or look at it. Being open is related directly to honesty. If you are not open to the truth and don’t consciously act according to your truth, truly living in your God given ability is just not possible.

I rediscover this simple, yet very tough lesson almost daily. There was a time and place in my twenties where I couldn’t recognize any truths, so what I thought was honesty was really just lies I told myself, and tried to tell others. However, most of my friends and family would tell anyone that during that time in my life, just looking at me revealed the lost, broken and dishonest heart within me. I was unhealthy in mind, body and spirit.  It took a lot of prayer and growing to get me through that drought that I had placed upon myself.  If time could turn back, of course I wouldn’t want to repeat those days, but those days taught me how to look for the signs of dishonest living in my daily present life.

Openness is not about being right or judging yourself or others. Openness is about living in truth from your past and present life. Your willingness to deal with what you have done in untruthful living and to acknowledge that you’ve made mistakes is a huge factor in continuing to be open. Every person who comes in contact with you, whether they like it at the present situation or not,  will appreciate and respect you for being truly and completely honest with them.  Even if that appreciation comes later than you wish, it WILL come. I know.

Along the way of discovering truth, you are going to hurt, hurt others and possibly be affected by others who are trying to discover their truths. A great start to being open is when you acknowledge that you hurt and will suffer for your truth. However, being a victim of suffering should not make you a martyr for truth. Being a SURVIVOR of suffering should make you an advocate for truth. Sharing your truth with others should be joyful and praise-filled. You will begin to notice and discern how small, seemingly insignificant daily actions are huge stepping stones to fulfill a greater purpose that you never imagined you were being conditioned for in your life.

Being open is being honest with yourself and others. It seems so easy, but it is tricky. Ask yourself daily what you are being open about. Are you slandering something or someone on social media while speaking love in person? Or is it the other way around? Who are you listening to? What drives you when you wake? What motivates you to rest? You are your truth. The Spirit lives within us. If you are truthfully open, all of your forms of communication will connect and form alliance in parallel allegiance to God’s Love and God’s goal for your human life.

When your world is open, others will see that you are living and loving honestly. They might not understand you, but there is no need to hold your truth against someone who doesn’t understand your truth. They have their own to discover, so be bold and mindful of the Spirit’s work. I saw a bumper sticker just the other day that said ‘Love thine enemies and you won’t have any.’ This is the concept that must go with your truth. If you Love every soul with truth, you will truly and honestly love every person and see God in every place and time. Seasons are just that.

What a wonderful way to live. Grab your truth. Hold on. Saddle up. And ride openly into the wonderment and awe of honest living.

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