It’s important to be open because it expands your world. It brings others into your innermost circle of thoughts and feelings and emotions. It breaks down silos and builds health relationships. Openness creates a since of comfort and security.  

People who are not open are secluded on a deserted island with their own thoughts and pain. I do not know about anyone else but I need an outlet.  I need someone to be a listening ear at times. I need a shoulder to cry on. I need for others to know how I feel and the actions they can take to make me feel better.  Or, maybe it’s a matter of me being open in order to hear what I need to do to in order to feel better.

If I could scream to the mountain top to someone “I cannot handle this alone”, I’d do it every day until I knew someone was listening.  It’s hard to tell someone that your sex life is minimal and unhealthy because your spouse is addicted to porn.  I mean, who holds that in and handles that alone? Being open with the right person can benefit you and lead you to healthy counsel and love.     

There’s no greater feeling than knowing that someone can empathize with your situation.  Being open frees you to be you. It gives you a platform to express your needs. Being open leaves little to no room for misunderstanding or confusion if you are clear in your communication.  As I get older, I find myself being more vocal about what I want, how I want it, and when I want it.  It’s actually very liberating and I cannot understand why I was so closed in the past.  

I wish women knew how rewarding it is to verbalize a want or a need without reservation. Holding on to things is unhealthy and does not help. It hinders growth. It keeps you isolated from a solution. It’s funny how men and women shut down in the midst of a disagreement instead of opening up and sharing their feelings. I know plenty of people walking around with bitterness and unforgivingness because they chose to keep their feelings inside. I would love to know the percentage of relationships that could have been saved with a simple honest conversation with their mate.

Being open makes you feel not so alone because there is comfort in knowing someone else can relate or provide feedback on your situation.

Open up and let someone into your inner circle.

Ironically, Craig has a new book coming out entitled Open. If you would like to purchase the book click here. If you’d like to read more about the book click here and if you’d like to check out a trailer for the book click here. Yes, lots of ways to get in on being more “open”. Here’s hoping that you’ll take advantage of at least one or two!