Yeah. Well.

I think I’ve shared before that one of my favorite quotes of all time is by an author by the name of Eric Jerome Dickey: “Sex without love is violence.” Boy, and did it *ring ever true* this morning when I read an article about a couple who *attempted* a threesome and before it “really got going”, the husband…yeah, let’s just say that he didn’t take it too well (you can read the story here).

I’m sure there can be *a lot of speculation* as to the…stability of the man (because there is certainly *no justification* for spouse abuse). Yet, let’s really think about this a second: especially with the stats from the previous blog of the amount of infidelity that goes on within a marriage (and/or the amount of people who wouldn’t mind participating in it), could this also serve as a HUGE PSA that temptations never really have your best interest at heart? Hence, the Lord telling us that when we are tempted, he’ll *always* provide us with a way of escape (I Corinthians 10:13)? That a lot of times, *just like in the Garden of Eden*, the “forbidden fruit” may *seem* like a good idea, and even *initally* be a pleasurable experience (just as the fruit in the Garden *was*-Genesis 3:6)…but there is always a price to pay. Often one that leaves an *extreme debt* to pay? I mean, do you think that husband thought his “lil’ threesome” was gonna land him on national news pages (and websites) and jail? And perhaps without a wife?

We shouldn’t let the world trick us with their “natural-minded philosophies” (I Corinthians 2:14). As the Message Version of Luke 6:26 tells us, “Our task is to be *true*, not *popular*” and more and more, we see the *intense attack* on God’s design and intention for covenant marriage. Therefore, I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked that in reading, “The Fantasy of a Cheating Wife“: “Believe it or not, this genre of porn is currently ‘the second most popular heterosexual interest in English-language search engines…” But I was. Just a bit. There is someone in my world who *almost* became a guest blogger on here who lost his marriage and had to totally uproot his life for affairs that didn’t even involve sexual intercourse. Someone who *is* a guest blogger, although she has not divorced her husband, she is raising their five children alone as he’s out living like…a man without a wife and five children. Another guest blogger on here can’t recall the last time she had sex with her husband because of his porn fantasies. Yeah. Amazing how much press the *fantasies* get. Perhaps more of the *realities* should be told. Especially since the Word, which is God (John 1:1), tells us that a man who fears the Father deals with all of reality.

I mean, just think about how long King David had to live with his choice of *just having to have* Bathsheba: someone else’s wife (2 Samuel 11-12). It cost Bathsheba her husband and them their son.

Sin may bring some pleasure (would we do it otherwise)? Oh, but it’s a bittersweet pill. There tends to be a pain side as well.

Just something to think about.