I mean…

So it’s snowing here in Nashville. It’s actually rather pretty and not to go all “Christmas sappy” on y’all, but I just love how it seems to make this side of my world look pure and innocent…also, since a lot of Nashville people can’t seem to drive on a clear day (LOL), things are really quiet too.

And so, other than doing what I basically do every day (which is write), I have been on my laptop 1) checking out  reruns of “Family Ties” (they have them posted on CBS.com) and 2) looking for some movies to get into.

Although I have mad love for Hulu.com, right now I’m kinda “Hulu-ed out” and so I decided to rent a flick (no pun intended…*really*) on Amazon.com (E-gad! Are we still supposed to be boycotting them after that Pedophilia book stunt they pulled a couple of weeks back? Somebody please let me know if that’s the case!). OK, so what I did was go to Google and type in, “Romantic Comedies (don’t roll your eyes, fellas), Online” and when Amazon came up on the top of the page, I clicked on it. The title that came up for the webpage was, “Amazon.com: rental movies: Amazon Video On Demand”. The first film that I saw was “Grown Ups” starring Adam Sandler. He’s cool with me but I wasn’t in the mood for that. The next one…right beside it? “Coming Soon…The Beastiality-Rights Movie” coming to you courtesy of (sigh) Devil Head Films. And then right next to it? “9 to 5: Days in Porn”. Scroll down a couple of rows more? “Endless Orgy for the Goddess of Perversion”. Scroll down a few more rows and (voila!) “Paid for Pain: The Making of a Bondage Video”.


Earlier this week, I read a story about Maury Povich auctioning off a girl’s virginity on his show (Maury is still on air? I had no idea!) Then, I got around to checking on some “OK, you *know you didn’t have to go there*” footage from a certain pop artist who has a video coming out that features him participating in “scripted necrophilia” (NECROPHILIA?!?). Then I read about how pimps are actually making formal business plans and how Sundance is about to premiere a series entitled, “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys”.

Now, y’all know I ain’t the shy kind and that sex is not a topic that I cower away from by any stretch of the imagination, but as I was, as my mother says, “unpacking” it all, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Do people have normal sex anymore?” More married people are coming out talking about the benefits (benefits?!?) of participating in an “open relationship”. More and more teens are losing their virginity at orgy parties. And when I finally came out for the first time a few months ago about my experience with beastiality at the age of 7 (so you know somebody did some really crazy stuff to me, right?!?) at a girl’s conference, the girls (ages 10-18) barely flinched. IT BROKE MY HEART.

Because I see that we really are in a place of mass perversion. We’re not just needing to speak on the power and purpose of yahasey min (Hebrew for “sexual relations”) but how there are kinds of sex that don’t just damage you spiritually (shout out to fornication and adultery) but can really harm you physically…beyond an STD or pregnancy.

I remember someone I went to elementary school with whose sister was killed on our birthday (the classmate and I have the same one). While her sister, Candy, was at home making cookies for her little sister, she let a (sigh again) 15-year-old in her home. He claimed he needed to use her phone. When her husband came home, he discovered that she had been mutiliated and sodomized to death. When her father went to visit the CHILD that did it (I know, right? Talk about the heart of Christ!), come to find out, the young man got his start in “regular porn” but ended up being addicted to snuff films and he wanted to act one out.

And he did. He got caught a year later because he was on the prowl, in the same apartment complex, wanting to do it again.

When you get to that kind of dark, dismal, demonic place, that’s not about achieving an orgasm. It’s my belief that it’s not really about sex at all. And you see, that’s what scares me about where sex is right now. To the majority, fornication isn’t a big deal. Who’s not doing it? Adultery? Hmph. I just heard in a period film today, “Devilish women are a bother. Good ones are a bore.” Is sex, good old marital bed (Hebrews 13:4) sex now a bore?!? Are we so flesh-consumed that we’re perversion-obsessed? When I told my mom about my season of beastiality (I would have a poodle perform oral sex on me…and who knows how to do that at 7?!?), she about passed out…literally. *And she should have* THAT’S. NOT. NORMAL. “Normal” when it comes to God’s plan for his children.

He created the Woman because Adam realized that there wasn’t anyone/thing like him in the Garden (Genesis 3:20) and now people are resorting to…animals, excessive bondage, necrophilia—things that are not like them. Children are being introduced to sexuality in this way. A child participating in an orgy at 12? Without divine intervention, what would you expect him/her to be doing at 19?!?

Sex was never supposed to be this demented. This cryptic. This unnatural. This…unsafe.

Quite frankly, I’m still processing all of this. I do know that the more I heal from my own sexual abuse as a child, the more I see why I made so many of the risky choices that I did; why there was so much sexual misuse during my adult years. *And* why I’m so passionate about steering young people into a different direction in the present. Not healing from sexual abuse, participating in sexual misuse…leads you nowhere…good. Quickly.

For now, I’ll just leave with this. Romans 1 says that was because of *idolatry* that many are given over to their lust. I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it a thousand more times before I leave this earth: We were created to worship and if it’s not God, it’ll be something. And when it’s not God, it’s not good.

Sex used to be seen a blessing. Hebrews 13:4 says that the marriage bed is pure. Pure is uncontaminated.

We’ve got to get things back to…normal (serving to establish a standard).

God’s kind of normal.


Before it’s seen as an unrealistic ideal. And not the standard.

For humanity.