Earlier today, I was blogging for another organization that I work for and a parallel came to mind that I wanted to transition over to this site as well. I was talking about the power of influence and how we can learn things *much quicker* when we’re around individuals that are *skilled* in what we’d like to perfect.

The example that I gave was going to a foreign language and being around people who only speak in that tongue; that it’s far more effective to do that than to sit in a classroom trying to conjugate Spanish, French or Chinese verbs. To be around people who actually *live it* and not just *speak it*.

And then, I thought about it. Being that it works in so many other areas, how come this approach isn’t taught more when it comes to sexual wholeness? That if you *make a concerted effort* to be around those kinds of people, it’s easier to learn how to live that way than if you simply sit in church or as someone said in a previous comment, “Just put on a purity ring.” (He’s right.)

THEN, I thought about how *very little sexually healthy fluent examples* there are, especially in the media (John 17)…especially now. As I was giving that more of my attention, my age (38 next month) started to reveal itself as I said to myself, “Shoot, at least I did know *some* sexual abstinence songs growing up.” These were three that immediately came to mind:

OK…this one is the song and not the video…

Love this one!!!

And so, in processing all of this, I have two questions. Well, one is a question and the other is a challenge.

1) In the effort to be a sexually whole person, are you around “sexually fluent” people or do they speak “broken sexual wholeness”? And if so, how is that translating over into your own life? In other words, are the people around you *helping* you or *infecting* you?

2) I will get Craig to let me give away a T-shirt and one of our books to *the first person* who can list three pop songs from 2009-now that *promote* sexual abstinence. It doesn’t have to be super overt, but it does need to be clear that they are trying to make that point (and please no Justin Bieber or Selema Gomez…mostly because that will make it too easy…it *is* a challenge after all). I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Personally, I was stumped.

Sound off…