Q: You want to talk about sex? Fine. Explain this then: I have never been sexually attracted to anyone that actually exists. Not once have I felt any desire for sex with them, either male or female, for any sexual act.

I’m not asexual – convenient as that would be. I’m just so messed up I can only feel any sexual interest in fantasy. And not just the regular type of fantasy that everyone enjoys, either – no, for me it takes furry to turn me on.

Anthropomorphics of various shapes and species. I’d be happy to explain more, but that would probably violate the rules of this site.

Fit *that* into your biblical view!”


A: I’ve read many of the comments re: your question. Being that you have been someone who has taken an antagnostic perspective on our blogs for YEARS now, I’m not totally sure if your question is sincere.

Honestly and respectfully, I am not sure why you continue to come onto this blog if you do not want to be respectful of the biblical perspective that is shared. But because you continue to, incessantly, I can only be led to believe it’s because you are not as solidified in your spiritual beliefs as you sometimes try to profess and perhaps the Lord is doing a work within you even in spite of your “fight”. I have friends who do not share my faith but they do not disrespect it, either. They don’t feel like they have to “prove” to me that they are right or I am wrong. We find our commonalities and respect them. Where we differ, we respect that, too. I am hoping that you will get to this point on here someday.

That said, in relationship to your question, I do find it interesting that you used the words “messed up”. And, I also find it interesting that many of the comments addressed the asexuality rather than the interest in anthropomorphics; especially being that I know that the original reference is that of gods having human form. Being that most of your posts challenge the existence of God, at least from a biblical view, I can’t help but to wonder if that really is your issue.  You really don’t have a sexual interest in humans but in gods of human form? For me to proceed, I would like clarity, please. That statement is disturbing, at best but if you are being sincere, I will address it as concisely as I can.