“Sex: The thing that takes up the least amount of time and causes the most amount of trouble.”—John Barrymore


Everywhere I go, in both spiritual and secular circles, people seem to be obsessed with sex on one level or another. Some people aren’t getting enough of it, while others seem to be getting way too much of it before they’re ready.

From a physical perspective, sex is two bodies coming together. It can be hot, it can be sweaty, it can be dirty, it can be nasty. In many cases, it can be deadly. The one thing I think people take the least amount of time to think on is the consequences of that choice to have sex.

God clearly wants us to wait for marriage to have sex. As a person who wasn’t always right in his walk with Jesus, I can tell you that I did not wait until marriage (although I wish I did, simply because I know it would have saved me several headaches). It’s kind of like the little kid being given keys to a Baskin Robbins franchise. With that much ice cream and no supervision, that kid can develop obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and eventually die from a lack of maturity and restraint. Although the kid thinks the ice cream is the best thing for him because of it’s refreshingly taste good, he’s too immature to understand the ramifications. I know I was.

When I was a teenage boy, I was told that a man’s value and worth could be determined by what was in between the legs of a beautiful young girl (in some cases not necessarily beautiful at all). This led me to make it my mission to get as much sex as humanly possible. What’s sad is I was doing it to impress people, most of whose names escape me at this moment…several years later.

When you’re young, you really don’t know what you doing sexually. You think you do because you have seen it in the movies, on TV, and in some cases on the Internet, but actually committing the act is a totally different thing. We are an oversexualized society and an undereducated society. This is clearly a recipe for disaster.

Look at all the problems that would have been avoided if we all had waited until marriage:

We wouldn’t have to worry about STDs. At all!
We wouldn’t have to worry about unwanted pregnancies.
We wouldn’t have to worry about our naked bodies being plastered on the Internet for people to see after the act is done!
We wouldn’t have to worry about anyone calling us “loose”.
Most importantly, we wouldn’t have to worry about living up to some over sexualized standard that we can’t possibly meet that has been perpetuated by the media.

Honestly, I feel the best thing that you can do is focus on being the best person you can be. Better yet focus on the person that God called you to be. If you’re busy seeking God with all of your heart, your mind and your soul, you won’t have time to worry about sex. Focus on doing what God has called you to do and your reward will come for you on your wedding night.

Also, utilize this website. It has lots of resources that can help you if you’re facing an addiction. Jesus loves you and so do we! Do yourself a favor and take the amount of time to think about the blessings he’s afforded you.