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So, if there were two married-related things that caught my attention this week, one would be an article I read about a Queens pastor who basically held a (brief) make-out session (for married people) in his church. His (main) point: “Your bedroom and your love life are fires that must be nurtured and fought for,” Johnson preaches in a booming voice that reverberates through the makeshift church in the PS 38 gym in Rosedale, Queens. “Use the power of touch to ignite passion in your marriage,” Johnson tells his giggling, nondenominational congregation of 75. He adds, “You should be visually stimulated for your husband or your wife. It is your biblical responsibility to look good for your spouse.” The winners won $50 towards a date night.

Now y’all are *really opinionated* on here and so I’m sure you have something to say about that (LOL). One way or another. Personally, as I gave it some thought, it seemed to complement a book that I checked out this week as well…*really well*. It’s entitled, “Just How Married Do You Want to Be? Practicing Oneness in Marriage” (you can read an excerpt here) because while a lot of time (and energy and focus) is spent on why marriages fall apart, I wonder if we are actually asking the right question to get to the answer that a lot of us are searching for: “How to keep a marriage together? Successfully and happily?” And yes, in order to do that, “JUST HOW MARRIED DO PEOPLE WANT TO BE?”

This introduces our video blog for this week from two people that I personally know who will be sharing some more with you about their journey in the upcoming weeks. They are a music duo called simply “The Light” (I think you’ll see why in a sec) and on here, they are sharing their personal take on expectations vs. reality.

Be sure to chime in. I’m sure that they would love for you to.

Expectations vs Reality from J and Tiff on Vimeo.