“Sex is emotion in motion.”—Mae West


Mae West’s quote, “Sex is emotion in motion” is a far cry from truth in my world. Frankly, this quote is disgusting to me. As I reflect on any past decision or action taken on emotion, it has gotten me absolutely nowhere. Let’s reverse back to my life four not so short years ago…

At this time in 2009, I was hungry for attention. I was at the end of a very broken relationship based purely on emotional feelings. Every feeling that I or anyone did around me was based on how I “felt” and my reaction to whatever it was that the feeling did “to me”. It was scary, to say the least.  Emotions are overly important for the spiritually stagnant being. As humans, we crave emotional clarity, I would even dare to say on a very hourly basis. How someone else treats you, how you react, and how you ultimately live, can be the definition of an emotional roller coaster if you are making decisions based purely on those thoughts that click inside your head.  

After the demise of my emotional relationship with another human being, three other significant happenings occurred in a domino effect in my life. First, I was thrown off of a golf cart and subsequently had a concussion to my head, and 27 stitches placed next to my eye and above my hairline. Then, my place of employment closed forever, and thirdly, my house was flooded, chasing me out of the place I had lived in for six years, for a little over four months. I was completely vulnerable. I was out of sex, physically drained, out of a job, and out of a roof over my head. Any one of these turbulences would be cause enough to set a human life into a spiral of life-altering change. For me, it took all four to ground me and to ultimately settle into a place in my life that could not rely on emotional living.

Sex was the least of my worries during this tumultuous time in my world. However, the thought of it was purely emotional, and extremely rampant, and if I would have acted out of my range of emotions during this time, I would have regretted it very much. It is not easy to not have it when the rest of your world has seemingly fallen apart and you are dealing with other losses. Physical attachment is the first and last issue you face when you must trash soaked scrapbooks and drowned journals dated back to elementary school memories. Physical wanting is the first and last emotion you cling to when you sleep alone on a cot in someone else’s home, while your own house is being ripped apart to be patched back together.  

Needless to say, no one wants to experience things of this nature in their life.  But, when one does, one can appreciate spiritual truths when sought over emotions flying around in the mind. If you have faith, you know you are loved. If you take a backwards dive into spiritual truths, you not only experience emotional clarity, you experience physical, mental and soul cleansing as well, which ultimately lead to the reliance of love over emotion.  

Sex is NOT meant to be emotion in motion. Sex is meant to be a spiritual gift in motion. When you give yourself emotionally only, the value of your sex is diminished. Yeah, the sex based on emotion may or may not be wonderful, but I guarantee it will be far more satisfying when it is spiritually driven. I have faith in that now more than any other definition of the act of sex. I pray that no one has to go through what I did to embrace my spiritual truth.  But, whatever it is that spurred you to reading this today, rest assured that you are not alone and you are not meant to be an emotional roller. You are meant to be fierce with passion and desire, based on the truths that God has given to you in your life. Start from this simple factor of faith, and emotional motion will be a far cry from what you know you deserve.