I will be the first one to say that if you are looking to live your life “on the down low” (and in this case, I mean away from people that you don’t want contacting you), My Space is the last place you need to be! Just last week, I was contacted by two people that I haven’t spoken to in shoot, at least 15 years.

On the flip side, if you’re nosey, it’s a great place to find out about your “past” without them knowing it. I ain’t perfect so yes, of this, I have been guilty. Case in point: Also last week, I noticed that one of my “past concubines” (that’s what I call the men I used to know in a not-so-very-God-fearing-way) was listed on one of my friend’s pages.

As I thought back and tried to recall the last time I saw or heard from this guy, I must admit that it has to have been at least 5-7 years ago and even then it didn’t really end well. That’s the thing about sin. Even though it was ’94-95 when things were “hot-n-heavy” between us, even years later, the residue of forbidden fruit still found itself sticking to us…but that’s not really my point for sharing this.

My real point is that while I was sure he would be a success in the professional world, what his My Space page revealed caught me COMPLETELY off guard! Here was the guy who showed me my first porn flick as a means of foreplay preaching about Jesus and when I say preaching, I mean…shoot, I thought I was inundated with scripture!

It was borderline mind-boggling to witness the guy who I once found myself sneakin’ and creepin’ with at all hours of the day and night refer to himself as a soldier of the Lord; not because God didn’t think he was worthy (obviously), but because our relationship was so carnally, OK, LUST-driven that I didn’t think he was capable. I know that’s pretty presumptuous, but shoot, every time we exchanged words, numbers, or energies, sex with each other—in thought, word or deed—somehow found its way into our space.

And then I thought about something I heard a pastor say once: “God wants your ex saved too, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants you doing it.”

Now, you all know by now that I am pretty blunt so let me just say that when I was in close proximity with this guy “getting him saved” wasn’t on my list of things to do, but that’s actually just my point: SOMETIMES THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR SOMEONE IS GET OUT OF THEIR WAY.

I can’t tell you how many times I have thought about someone in my past and said, “I wonder what they are doing now. Maybe I’ll give them a call”, but their number was disconnected or their email address had changed. The truth is, sometimes, speaking with me, for whatever reason, was the last thing those people needed at that particular stage in their lives. Sometimes, praying for them and sending well wishes their way from afar is actually the best thing you can do because a stroll down memory’s lane can end up being a bumpy ride that can cause some people to fall off of their wagon towards personal fullfillment and success (I just made that up…pretty cool, huh?)

So, I must admit that I was tempted to make a “friend request” with my ex, but I decided to let it ride. When we were talking all we were doing was watching porn and cheating on our mates and since we’ve not chatted he has gotten married, become a parent and most importantly gotten to know Christ.

Like I said, sometimes the best you can do for someone is move out of the way—and if you’re like me, go on My Space and wish them the best—in your own mind or also like me…ANONYMOUSLY on your own blog. 🙂