Monday, January 9, marks my five-year-no-sexual intercourse (or really anything else…haven’t even been kissed in that time) anniversary.

Honestly, the first four years, I was *really excited* about it. This year, though, I’m more like…*amazed* (LOL). With no light at the end of the tunnel (i.e. relief via the help of a husband-Hebrews 13:5) in sight, I’m pleased to see grace in action. I’m also curious to know what this year will hold for me. I’ll tell you where I’m placing my faith: praying that I can graduate to a new class. I’ll leave it at that. *wink*

But I’m not really bringing this up so much to talk about my sexual journey. Not really. It’s actually only relevant to this particular posting because many people often ask me why I provide a date, publicly, on an issue that is so private. And that’s actually why: it helps to keep me personally accountable by publicly sharing it. When you’re *too private*, the temptation can sometimes be to also be sneaky and so generalized statements like, “Yeah, I’m abstinent” may cause people to think/assume that you’ve gone without for say, six months, when it’s actually only been two days. Two days, at most, for the past six months (LOL).

Yeah. That’s a start…but without being pushed a bit more, you may never see a finish line: a lifestyle of abstinence.

Now, I’m not saying that everyone should list it on blogs ‘n such. But I do think it’s a good idea to get an accountability partner that you know, trust and you can share this kind of detailed information with so that they can help in supporting you in making progress. But hey, that’s just me. That said, the question of the week is:

“In being held accountable in your journey toward sexual purity, do you think having your own timeline is necesssary? Does it encourage or discourage you? And in keeping with that theme, how much do you think you accountability partner should know? Or not know?”

Sound off…