Sometimes cheesy teenager sitcoms make *really valid points*…

I recall watching an old episode of “One Tree Hill” where a girl’s significant other was caught watching porn (she looked through his history). When she said, “Great, it’s bad enough that I have to watch out for all of these girls that throw it at you at school, now I’ve got to compete with porn stars?”, to which he retorted, “C’mon Hailey, those girls aren’t *real*. Porn is what guys do and I’m a guy”, I LOVED her response:

“Don’t be a *guy* Nathan, be a *man*.”

Which brings me to the Question of the Week.

Ironically, as much as there tends to be debates on here about porn, illicit sex, what’s healthy, not healthy…you know, I haven’t seen one good justification, yet, with the use of the Scripture, that supports why God is pleased or is even “neutral” when it comes to sex being used, eh hem, *abused* from a place of lust rather than love. And pardon me, all of the folks that like to explore all of the myriad of approaches to illicit sexuality, I have also *yet* to hear *anyone* say that they watch porn or sleep with multiple partners because *they love them all*. And biblically, our introduction to yahasey min (the Hebrew term for sexual relations) was not *pornea* (Greek word for fornication). It was Adam and the Woman. Two people in covenant (Genesis 2:24-25) and honestly, to be responsible for bringing sin into this world and being able to stay together *anyway*…well, I’ve seen what LUST will do to a relationship. It doesn’t encourage commitment, I’ll tell you *that*. Those two had to be IN LOVE.

And so, when you *Iove* someone, shouldn’t it reflect in your actions? And if the person you *love* says that, in this case, the porn you are watching is hurting them, being that love is to nurture and protect an individual, shouldn’t *that* be reason enough to want to stop watching it? Even if you personally don’t believe that it’s wrong? Isn’t it a sign of immaturity to not care how what you do affects another human being?

So yes, in thinking about “guys vs. men” and “girls vs. women” and how real love is not a kid’s game, my question this week is the title of the blog:

“If it (porn) hurts the one that you love, isn’t that enough reason to quit?”

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