So this week…

In honor of setting boundaries and keeping them (um, hopefully), I would love to hear what yours are.

Personally, the people in my life know that the running joke in my world is: “Why eat a cracker while you’re fasting?” In other words in “going/doing without”, it seems really frustrating and a bit…counterproductive to try and “do this” and “not that” and so…my boundary is basically: “I’ll wait until I don’t have to have (a lot of) boundaries.” And for me, that will be marriage.

Some folks have more self-restraint (or is it they’re more daring-LOL) than I am and so I’d like to hear your thoughts and so the official question(s) for this week is:

“If you’re single, do you have sexual boundaries? If so, what are they? And what is your reason for having them?”

Looking forward to learning. More. About y’all.