You know…

In the midst of all of the sex talking that we do, sometimes I wonder if we forget (or ignore or don’t know) the fact that porn is not just about viewing sex; that it’s definition is far more broad than that:

Porn: television shows, articles, photographs, etc., thought to create or satisfy an excessive desire for something, especially something luxurious; also called porno: pornography publications or broadcasts that demonstrate an unhealthy or voyeuristic interest in a particular subject

And with these definitions, although there are people that make this website that much more (eh hem) interesting with their defense of (cough, cough) porn, after looking at the explanation of what it is above, how, really, can porn ever be good or “really not that bad” for you? Something that you *excessively desire*? Something that demonstrates an *unhealthy interest*?  Again, that is not a pastor or Christian book’s definition of the word. That comes from a dictionary.

You know, I recall hearing someone once say that you can never be a “little addicted” to anything. That said, whether it’s food, people, fame, money, relationships or yes, even sex…when is porn ever a good thing to partake in? *Ever?* And while we’re on the subject, who do you know that just watches “a little bit of it”…every once in a while? Porn wouldn’t be so popular if it were so random.

And as if that isn’t question enough, it’s on the heels of this that I wanted to know what you thought about the following statement. It’s something that I heard spoken word artist Saul Williams say on a television program once: “Without purpose, it’s just porn.” He was speaking on sex without love.

I don’t know about *you*, but to me, that was a pretty powerful and profound resolve. Because in the midst of all of the debates and opinions, insights and perspectives, at the end of the day, I think we do sometimes overlook the fact that God made us for a purpose. And everything else that he made was to serve one as well. Including food, people, relationships…and yes, sex. Genesis 2:24-25 tells us that a man and his wife were instructed to use sex to become one with one another; that this gave them the spiritual right and privilege to be naked and not ashamed. *That is sex’s purpose.* And without that, indeed, is sex not simply porn? Whether you’re on screen or not. Whether you’re getting paid or not. Whether it’s on the Internet, in a mag or not. Without the purpose of marriage, is all sex nothing more than an excessive desire *thought* to create (when really it’s just a poor imitation) of what God designed it to be? Is it not an unhealthy interest that’s just a counterfeit of the real thing?

I always love to hear your views. On this holiday weekend, if you happen to swing by here, please share them.