I was reading the next guest blog post that I will putting up here, probably on Tuesday, and I thought about the content within it. It’s a married woman’s take on how single women should date; advice on how to avoid pitfalls and traps.

It caused me to think about advice in general. How some is good, some is not so good…but all of it, one way or another, shapes who we are and how we think. It set me up to pose a question to you all in preparation for something else I’ll be working on in the upcoming weeks as it relates to this site. Would you do me a favor and answer the following two questions:

“What’s the best and worst advice that you got on sex from your parents?”

“How has that information affected your relationships with God, yourself and others even now?”

I’ll explain why I’m wondering after I get your responses—the ones that I am so looking forward to!

Sound off…